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Project Description
C# Source Code and Assets from the XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed book.

The code is released under the Ms-PL license.

The book must be purchased. It is published by Sams Publishing.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 Unleashed

*The actual book content is not included.
*The Explosion Generator is not included.
*To obtain the Explosion Generator please grab it directly from the author's site. (And check out their games while you are at it!)

The book (and code) is broken down into eleven parts:

Part I: Get Up and Running with XNA on Your PC and Xbox 360

  • 1 Introducing the XNA Framework and XNA Game Studio (no code)
  • 2 XNA Game Studio and the Xbox 360
  • 3 Performance Considerations

Part II: Understanding XNA Framework Basics

  • 4 Creating 3D Objects
  • 5 Handling Input to Move Our Camera

Part III: Content Pipeline

  • 6 Loading and Texturing 3D Objects
  • 7 Sound and Music
  • 8 Extending the Content Pipeline

Part IV: 2D in XNA Game Studio

  • 9 2D Basics
  • 10 2D Effects
  • 11 Creating a 2D Game

Part V: XNA Game Studio and the Zune

  • 12 Programming for the Zune
  • 13 Running the Game on the Zune

Part VI: High Level Shader Language

  • 14 HLSL Basics
  • 15 Advanced HLSL

Part VII: Physics and Artificial Intelligence

  • 16 Physics Basics
  • 17 Finite State Machines and Game State Management
  • 18 AI Algorithms

Part VIII: 3D Effects

  • 19 Advanced Texturing Techniques
  • 20 Special Effects
  • 21 Particle System

Part IX: Putting It Into Practice

  • 22 Creating a 3D Game
  • 23 Improving the Game
  • 24 Finishing Touches

Part X: XNA Framework Networking

  • 25 Networking Basics
  • 26 Creating Multiplayer Demos
  • 27 Creating a Networking Game Skeleton
  • 28 Creating a Turn-based Multiplayer Game
  • 29 Creating a Real-time Multiplayer Game

Part XI: Xbox LIVE Community Games

  • 30 Best Practices for Creating an Xbox LIVE Community Game (no code)
  • 31 Selling the Game on Xbox LIVE Marketplace (no code)

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